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survivalrpg.enjin.com  -  Bible Story Survival Role Playing Game
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game Minecraft - PC
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SurvivalRPG is set in a fictional world that combines fantasy, cyberpunk, and steampunk in a world where technologically cut off societies rediscover lost technology, towns are formed from the ground up, clans form alliances (and rivalries,) and magical creatures of myth and legend reside.
Server ip: survivalrpg.spartanhost.net
Survival RPG is a role play optional survival server with group boss areas, clans, rare drops, parties, leveling up, and a whole lot more. We are recruiting players to come join us in raiding Plum island for the rare drops, join our towns, and build in our communities.

We now have clans! Create your own, or join an existing clan today! Players create clans to organize groups for boss raids and establish ranks among themselves. Clans can have allies, and even rivals to compete with in events such as PVP in designated PVP combat areas.
We have fun things to do like: Parkour, spleef, designated pvp areas, and more!
Communication is key in any MMO, and our server has the latest and greatest. Join our mumble server and talk live with your party, while you raid plum island, or chance your luck on pvp island. Receive live website help on the chat room. Sell your rare items in the forum. With all this and much more, we are sure you will have no trouble keeping in close contact with your mates.
We use Enjin! If you don't already have an Enjin account, it's simple to register, and link your characters. If you already have enjin, it's even easier to join our community! Just log in, and click join!
We are always looking for new staff members. Players that have been active members on the server for over 30 days may apply to become staff. Have you ever wanted to do more to make a difference on your server? At SurvivalRPG you can be the difference.
With over 150 custom items, over 100 custom mobs, and more content being added daily, I am sure you will find something you enjoy, so why not stop by and see us?
Come check us out at Survivalrpg.enjin.com
Website: SurvivalRPG.enjin.com
Server IP: survivalrpg.spartanhost.net
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Casual Competitive - High Social Family Friendly voice Mumble
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Come check us out! Survivalrpg.spartanhost.net to join the server, survivalrpg.enjin.com to become member.